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Rally Around A Roof

Helping Hands Restorations, along with its partners, is proud to present the First Annual Roof Giveaway Program, “Rally Around A Roof”! We’re giving back to the community that we love by installing a FREE roof for one deserving homeowner in 2017!

The Why!

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes the misfortune that strikes a good neighbor, friend, relative, and at times even yourself, is so serious that even life essentials, like having a roof over your head, take a back seat to the crisis at hand.

Rally Around A Roof was specially designed to help folks in our community organize and rally around a local family in need. 

How Does It Work?

The public will have a chance to nominate themselves, a friend, a neighbor or family member who desperately needs a roof, but cannot afford one. The Helping Hands Restorations staff and volunteers will select Four (4) deserving homeowners as Semi-Finalists for receipt of a new roof system gratis, solely at the discretion of Helping Hands Restorations. The results will be posted on the company’s Facebook page and voting by the general public will begin in August to select one (1) deserving homeowner out of the four Semi-Finalists for a free roof system.

In no way are the co-sponsors of “Rally Around A Roof” involved in the selection process. The Finalist is nominated by the general public via the Helping Hands Restorations Facebook page. If you have questions, you may send an email to and put in the subject line “Rally Around A Roof Inquiry,” – no entries will be accepted via this email.

How to nominate a deserving family to receive a free roof?

To nominate someone for Rally Around A Roof, the individual will need to complete the form below. The nominator will need to have some basic information about the home and the nominee. The nominator must also like the Helping Hands Restorations Facebook page for their nomination to qualify. Don’t forget to follow the page to receive updates on Rally Around A Roof voting, results and announcements!

*** Don’t forget to like the Helping Hands Restorations Facebook page to complete your nomination!

“Rally Around A Roof” is not a contest, nor lottery. One deserving homeowner in 2017 will be selected for receipt of a new roof system gratis, solely at the discretion of Helping Hands Restorations, LLC. In no way are the co-sponsors of “Rally Around A Roof” involved in the selection process. Homeowners are nominated via the website.
1. Nominees must own the home they are living in.
2. Nominees must be located in the Greater Dayton, Ohio area.
3. If the roof needs to be replaced due to storm damage, Nominees must have been denied coverage for replacement through their homeowners insurance company in order to qualify.
4. The free roof recipient must be current on his/her mortgage payments.
5. The free roof recipient must agree to sign Helping Hands Restorations’ media release
The recipient of the free roof receives a complete roof system installed according to local code and manufacturer specifications.
I understand that, during the course of my participation in “Rally Around A Roof,” Helping Hands Restorations and those acting with the permission or authority of Helping Hands Restorations, may capture my name, likeness, image, or voice in photographic, audio, video, digital or other forms (“Media”). I recognize that all Media – including film, photographic prints, audio, video or digital files, including those photos submitted with my nomination – become the exclusive property of Helping Hands Restorations. In addition, I hereby permit Helping Hands Restorations and those acting with Helping Hands Restorations’ permission or authority, to use my name and Media in materials available to existing and potential customers, staff and individuals within the community, including in publicity or promotional materials for Helping Hands Restorations. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve: (a) the finished Media, (b) any printed matter that may be used in conjunction with the Media, or (c) the eventual use to which the Media may be applied. I waive all right to compensation, royalties and damages, including all claims in tort, defamation, right to privacy or right of publicity claims. I sign this authorization and release on behalf of myself and all of my minor children who may be participating in “Rally Around A Roof”.
This agreement constitutes the sole, complete, and exclusive agreement regarding the Media, and I am not relying on any other representation, whether oral or written.