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BBB Verified Reviewer

Aubrey did a great job on my roof. We requested owins-corning duration shingles and he said he would get them, sure enough he went out of his way to get them. I would recommend them highly. He makes sure every roof is done properly. His company goes out of their way to help people. He takes pride in his work. Its nice to have companies like this. The roof turned out beautiful. Very satisfied.

– James G. –

BBB Verified Reviewer

I wanted to share my experience with Helping Hands Renovations. I contacted them when I discovered a problem with the roof at my daughters house in Kettering. There were shingles that had blown off the house and had started to create a problem. I should have contacted the insurance company immediately but did not. The owner of Helping Hands Renovations met me at the house and confirmed what I had suspected, that we had encountered hail or wind damage. I was going to be traveling twice during the next two weeks and he assured me that he could handle meeting with the claim adjuster and follow the claim through the completion of work. Aub (owner) was a pleasure to work with and very through in every aspect of the transaction. He handled all negotiations with the insurance company. I was basically not involved except to make the initial contact with my insurance company. The finished product looks great and the quality of the workmanship totally satisfied me. I especially liked that the owner or his counter part was at the site the entire time the old roof was removed and the new one installed. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Helping Handing Renovations..

– Carl W. –

BBB Verified Reviewer

I’ve had some negative experiences with contractors before where they’ve promised me services, taken my money and never returned, so when Aubrey with Helping Hands Restorations knocked on my door I was a bit leery. However, there was something about him that I trusted, so I allowed him to perform a roof inspection. He performed the inspection and then showed me the photos of the damages. He also informed me that since it was storm damage, I could possibly get fully funded for a brand new roof through my insurance company for only the cost of my deductible. I had no idea! With being retired and being on a fixed income, this was exactly what I needed to hear. I signed the agreement and just days later Aub met with my insurance adjuster and got my roof approved. The entire process was smooth, professional and stress free. They make you the priority and make sure you are 100% satisfied before they consider the project complete. I am so happy that I decided to go with Helping Hands Restorations! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

– Nancy N. –

 BBB Verified Reviewer

It wasn’t a major storm during the Spring of 2016, just a typical one with some high winds and a little hail. I lost a handful of shingles but there was no leaking. I did not think my insurance company would ever approve an entire new roof, especially since mine was so old at the time. I figured if I made a claim they would deny it, either because there was no “real” damage or because shingles blowing off is a maintenance issue, not a covered loss and therefore my responsibility — the roof was so old what do you expect right? BOY WAS I WRONG!!! A day later, I met Aub and his team. He explained many homeowners incorrectly think the same way, put a little faith in him and he will help me get approved for a new better quality roof. Sure enough, he was right and every step of the process was very professional, very knowledgeable, very caring and generally all around a great experience for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better contractor, negotiator and advocate on my behalf. I am impressed and grateful. Thank you very much for your invaluable service, time and assistance.

– Lee B. –

BBB Verified Reviewer

I would recommend Helping Hands to anyone. They are very professional by way of appearance and how they handled each encounter we had. He explained everything to thoroughly and made sure I understood everything he was explaining. Instead of just telling me what his concerns were and what maybe an issue he offered to show me each issue and discuss it. Which for anyone should be a priority.

– Sherry W. –

BBB Verified Reviewer

I received damaged to my roof during one the most recent storms in March 2017. I contacted Aubrey with Helping Hands, he drove 3 hours to come look at my roof and to meet with the insurance adjuster. He was very friendly and professional, he walked me through everything after the adjuster gave us our quote. After receiving the quote within 2 weeks Aubrey and Roofers from Beavercreek came down and installed my new roof. They finished that day, made sure everything was cleaned up after they were finished. Aubrey also worked with the contractors to install my gutters the next day. I’m very happy with the work Aubrey and his team did for me and I will recommend them to everyone I know.

– Jessica H. –

 BBB Verified Reviewer

Even though the owners are young, they are very knowledgeable and Aubrey knows more about roofing than what someone would think because of his age. He holds true to his word and always keeps you advised of what’s going on, and if I had to do it over again I would get Helping Hands Restorations, LLC to do it over. I would advise anybody that needs a roof to give them a call!

– Tony G. –

BBB Verified Reviewer

Helping Hands Restoration embodied customer service first philosophy. They were personable and professional and instilled a confidence that allowed us to be sure we were being taken care of fairly and with importance. I would highly recommend this company and would venture to guess that Helping Hands customer service and expertise are unsurpassed! Thank you Helping Hands Restoration.

– Tammy S. –