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Why A Homeowner Needs A Contractor in Dayton, OH

So why does a homeowner need a contractor in Dayton, OH? Why our role is so important.

When a homeowner files a claim for roof damage, the insurance company assigns an “adjuster” who represents the insurance company to come inspect the property to decide whether or not it is damage that is covered by the policy, and also to discern what amount of money will be allowed to repair the damages. Like any field, there are people who are good at their jobs and people who are not so good. It’s like waitresses at a restaurant; sometimes you get a real doll, sometimes you don’t. The problem is, if an inexperienced, unknowledgeable, lazy, or cranky adjuster is assigned to your claim, do you really get a fair assessment of the damages? Probably not. Large hail and wind storms affect thousands and thousands of homes, and there are only so many adjusters available to process all of the claims. Even the greatest and fairest adjusters are dealing with up to or 12 claims per day, seven days a week for months on end, and when they are that busy, it’s hard for them to be as thorough as they should be.

This can result in overlooked damages, missing items on estimates, mis-measurements, and other mistakes that lead to an inaccurate or unfair assessment for the homeowner’s claim. Let’s say a homeowner files a claim, and their insurance adjuster comes out and says there’s no damage on their roof. How does the homeowner know that’s correct? Your average homeowner is not going to get on their roof to double check, and even if they did climb up on the roof, they have no idea what they’re looking for.

Let’s say the adjuster does approve the roof to be replaced, and writes a check to the homeowner to get their roof repaired. The homeowner is happy, but how do they know that everything that was supposed to be paid for was actually paid for? What if the check is not enough? So what’s the solution? If the adjuster is there in the best interest of the insurance company, and there’s no second professional opinion, the homeowner is really at a disadvantage, and is in a position where they can only hope they get a fair and accurate assessment from their insurance adjuster.

Who represents the homeowner? You would never go to court without a lawyer, right? If the adjuster is there on behalf of the insurance company, then a contractor should be there on behalf of the homeowner. Insurance companies are businesses, and like any business, they exist to make money.

Therefore, does an insurance company want to pay as much money as possible on claims, or as little money as possible on claims? Obviously they want to minimize their losses, and it is in their best interest financially to pay out less money in claims. On the other hand, contractors would love for estimates to be as large as possible, because it is in their best interest financially. So if the adjuster is present on behalf of the insurance company who would rather pay zero dollars, and the contractor is present on behalf of the homeowner who would rather have a ten-thousand-dollar claim, they can meet in the middle and negotiate a fair and accurate settlement that is fair for all parties involved. That way the insurance company upholds their contract with the homeowner, the homeowner gets enough money to get the repairs done, and the contractor gets paid what they are deserved for the work that they do.

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