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Q&A with Barb & Gary Gay – Winners of Rally Around A Roof 2017

This year Helping Hands Restorations is holding our first annual roof giveaway program called: “Rally Around A Roof.” Helping Hands Restorations is giving back to the community by installing a free roof for one deserving homeowner in 2017. The community was given the opportunity to nominate families, neighbors and even themselves to win the free roof. The contest has come to a close and the public has spoken! Countless community members voted for one deserving family that was truly in need of a new roof, the Gay family!

About the Family

Barb and Gary Gay are well known by many and are particularly respected in the wildlife rescue community. They are proud founders of Wild Again Animal Rescue. Wild Again is a registered Non-Profit animal rescue located in Spring Valley just east of Dayton, Ohio. Barb and Gary specialize in wildlife rescue, and their goal is to rehabilitate orphaned, injured and/or sick wildlife getting them back into their natural environment as quickly as possible. Wild Again has also become a permanent home for many relinquished & abandoned domestic farm and companion animals. Barb and Gary, along with their dedicated team of volunteers, are devoted to providing a place of refuge, healing, and safety for all types of animals in need.

Why They Were Nominated

Many of Barb and Gary’s volunteers, community members, friends and family nominated them for the free roof due to the dire condition of the roof on their home. Barb and Gary have unfortunately found themselves with a roof that is beyond repair, and because they spend most of their income to keep the rescue going, the replacement of their roof has taken a backseat to caring and providing for the animals. Even with volunteers helping out at the farm it is an expensive endeavor. Their roof has been leaking for quite some time now making the mission even more challenging, but they continue for their cause.

Q&A: Talking with Barb & Gary Gay

We, Aubrey and Lindsey, owners of Helping Hands Restorations, had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Barb and Gary. We wanted to learn more about this awesome family that so many community members reached out to us about. It’s truly incredible how many people wanted Barb and Gary to win the roof giveaway, and it’s obvious that there is not a more deserving family. They are both amazing people doing remarkable things and after meeting them we now know that giving them a free roof will truly make a difference in their lives and will allow them to continue on with their cause but with the peace of mind in knowing that their home is now taken care of.

Q: Gary and Barb tell me a little bit about yourselves?

A: Barb and Gary have been married for 45 years. Gary works for Home Depot to provide for the family and Barb has committed herself full-time to the non-profit rescue. Prior to the formation of Wild Again, Barb worked in many different capacities, all of which revolved around her love for animals and people. She owned dog grooming salons, worked as a Family Practice Nursing Supervisor for 23 years, and then moved into being a horse trainer full-time. This led Barb into the Behavioral Training of horses & other animals where she worked through problems often saving them from unnecessary pain and even death. Barb also has a love and natural talent for photography. Gary constructed a beautiful photography studio inside the barn where she offers photography services when her schedule allows. Currently, Barb spends the majority of her time operating the rescue. Also a certified “Project Wild” educator; she can spread knowledge about wildlife in classrooms. She plans to incorporate education classes at the rescue soon.

During the last 25 years of rescuing animals, Barb and Gary have developed a wonderful partnership that allows them to confidently and professionally care for the animals they rehabilitate. They have strengths and weaknesses that complement each other which creates harmony for the animals and within their organization. Barb and Gary are a dynamic duo and their avid love for animals has allowed them to not only save thousands of wildlife animals but has also given them the opportunity to promote education about wildlife animals and the importance of quality of life for all species of animals. They are extremely devoted to their belief that every single life has value.

Q: How can people contribute to your cause?

A: There are many ways that people in our community can contribute to Wild Again Animal Rescue. As a non-profit organization, Wild Again is dependent on donations, sponsors, bequests, and grants to raise the revenue necessary to care for all the animals. So, of course, monetary donations are the most effective way to support their cause but there are many ways to get involved. Volunteers are a very important part of the operation at Wild Again and they are needed 7 days a week and often times around the clock for infant &/or the critical care of animals. They have several volunteer orientations scheduled periodically throughout the year, so if you’re interested in participating visit their volunteer webpage HERE. The donation of supplies is also a very imperative step in keeping the rescue open for business. Donation of supplies helps Barb & Gary provide a well-kept facility, as well as enrichment to their large and diverse, wild and exotic animal population. Wild Again’s continued work saving animals is an expensive endeavor. Monetary donations &/or items off their wish list are received with great appreciation. They can’t save these animals without you, so please click HERE to visit their Amazon Wish List which changes often to fit the seasonal demands!  Their facebook page – – updates wish lists, events held at the rescue & informative articles about animals. Outside of the aforementioned opportunities to get involved, there are many other ways to support Barb and Gary in their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate our wildlife. If you’d like to learn more, please visit their website Remember: ALL DONATIONS TO WILD AGAIN ANIMAL RESCUE ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Q: What is your vision for Wild Again in the future?

A:  Most immediately, they are raising funds & recruiting help for an addition called the “Healing House.” This structure will house the infant wildlife brought to the rescue who are unable to regulate their own body temperature because they’re so young. They are fed round the clock and receive proper medical care. Incubators, examination tables, a kitchen for food prep, and sanitation services will allow them to take care of these animals efficiently which means more lives saved & more volunteers who can be part of such an amazing cause. Their current goal is to break ground before winter so the Healing House is ready to accept wildlife in the Spring.

Q: How long have you been dealing with the roof damage on your home?

A: Barb and Gary have been dealing with the damage to the roof for at least five years. They have leaks, which have damaged the ceilings in multiple rooms of their home. When it rains their home is filled with buckets and the sound of dripping rain overpowers even the loudest of T.V.s in the family room.

Q: Are there any other avenues that you’ve taken to have the roof fixed?

A: Barb and Gary have had many other roofing companies provide estimates to replace the roof, but because their roof is so large, this was always beyond reach monetarily. Even when they put money back for the roof,  it ended up being used for ceiling repairs from water damage as well on the minor shingle work that Gary did himself. A GoFundMe page was even started by someone to raise funds but it was just enough to make temporary repairs to the shingles & interior ceiling damages.

Q: What does it mean to you to be the winner of Rally Around A Roof?

A: A very emotional Barb replied “Oh my gosh,  it’s really hard to put into words. Just the thought that someone like yourselves would provide such a tremendous gift to us is beyond our wildest dreams. It translates into so much less worry. It has been such a worrisome burden in our lives but now we can focus on what’s most important & move ahead with the rescue! You know, when you lie down to go to sleep & you wake up in the morning what is generally the first thing you see while still lying in your bed? The (underside) of the roof! To now go to sleep and wake up without this issue facing me (literally) every day is unbelievable. You guys have no idea what a magnificent & selfless thing you are doing.”

Q: What do you want to say to those who nominated you for Rally Around A Roof?

A: Barb replies “To say ‘thank you’…just sounds so tame. I wish everyone could see inside my heart right now. You, personally, saw the real tears of happiness and relief as we’ve talked, but my heart is singing and dancing. There have been many people who have generously supported us along the way. However, I have to go back to the beginning when a Wild Again volunteer, Kelly Cooley, saw your contest and immediately entered our name. She then encouraged other volunteers to follow suit. Really, who couldn’t use a new roof? But she unselfishly submitted our name to Rally Around A Roof and despite a lot of pessimistic thoughts about the reality of this contest….IT’S REAL and we’re proof!!!! I am a real believer that everything happens for a reason. We’ve had some real struggles because of our costly and time consuming cause but it’s made us more empathetic and compassionate people. I don’t feel like we deserve this when I see people so much worse off. However, I realized something humbling. This gift was not provided to us, Barb & Gary, it was ultimately given to the animals so we can now focus our efforts on saving more lives.”

Q: How will this enable you to do more for these needy animals that you so kindly rescue and rehabilitate?

A: “ The damaged roof was a huge energy drain for me and negativity can really put a damper on moving forward. Without that constant worry, I feel much more free to focus on the rescue which is most important. We also have many domestic rescues in the house that were subject to the leaking roof. Bird, dogs, cats…. were being moved because of interior issues from the roof.  Obviously much more serious issues were headed towards us the longer this went on. Helping Hands Restorations saved us so we can save suffering animals.”


Installation Day Celebration

It was such an honor for the Helping Hands Restorations team to sit down and get to know this family and what motivates them to continue with their cause. They have an inspiring passion and love for animals and mankind alike, and we are so excited to give back to them for all the good they’ve put into the Universe! The Installation Day Celebration is Wednesday, October 25th, 2017, so come on out and celebrate this awesome family and watch, or even pitch in, while their roof is being built! Follow the Helping Hands Restorations Facebook page for updates in case of inclement weather.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who voted for this year’s Rally Around A Roof program and especially to those of you, and there were many, who gave Barb and Gary the opportunity to be in the running! Thank you to our supplier, North Coast Roofing Systems, who has so kindly donated ALL of the materials for the roof installation. To our roofing crew, All-Terrain Construction, who will be out there building the roof for Barb & Gary! Also, to Truk Dawgs Property Maintenance for the landscaping services and to All-Around Gutter Solutions for the replacement gutters! We couldn’t have a more incredible team of individuals helping us pull this off! So, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!

Our belief at Helping Hands Restorations is that “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” ~ NAPOLEON HILL